An interesting map made by Dutch design school graduate Vincent Meertens. A map of the Netherlands based on how long it takes to get from one place to another by train. The map will change shape and size depending on where you are travelling from, and also on the time of day, due to the number of available trains.

The web app didn’t seem that easy to use, not entirely due to my not knowing any Dutch, but it’s a nice idea. When travelling somewhere physical distances can seem less important than the time it will take to get there.

Have a play here – timemaps.nl

London Transport Data Hack Day

To kick off this blog…

I recently attended a Data Hack Day at the London Transport Museum, run by onedotzero and Protein. A day spent at the London Transport Museum was a good enough reason to get me there, playing with data was an added bonus.

Some really interesting work was done with the data – a few of them can be seen in the Protein link above. I spent part of the day playing with a csv file containing a list of stops on every bus route in London. There wasn’t that much time but it turned out to be relatively simple to create in Processing a map of London based solely on the bus routes. It spends about 20 minutes drawing the routes, stop by stop, and when done you get this:

London Bus Routes in Processing Screenshot

The colours don’t refer to anything in particular, they just change as the creation of the map goes on to make it look more interesting. When I’ve managed to create a suitable video (one that isn’t 20 minutes long and huge), I’ll put that up here.